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Sign your child up for a memorable week of camp with Sara (and daughter/artsy sidekick Dani!) that is deeply based in both nature and art. Every day will consist of ample outdoor time (weather permitting) either exploring nature or creating unique art pieces that you'll treasure forever. Within each theme we will cover foundational artistic knowledge and techniques, but with complete freedom to express innate creativity, and of course, have lots of fun! Lessons designed for ages 6-8.

Explore all things bird! Campers will study bird shapes and colors through abstraction, realistic representation and even cartoon illustration! We'll create nests from fo...
Birds of a Feather | June 22-26
Messy hands, happy heart! This week is chock full of splatters, drips, squirt bottles, squeegees, scribbles, paint-filled balloons and any other methods we can come up wi...
Action & Abstraction | June 29-July 3
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