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The unrivaled freedom of nature is the heart of my artistic intention while the messiness, crooked stems and flowing leaves create the structure for my work. My artistic process is as intentional as it is intuitive and thrives among colors that are explorative, spirit-driven and calm. With awe and a dash of jealousy, I am constantly seeking the perfect imperfection of nature through my art.


Under the surface of leafy layers and passionate mark-making, my work is influenced by my struggles with reconciling the juxtaposition of pain and joy. As a mother, freedom is in short supply, and with a gut-wrenching desire for solitude, motherhood can sometimes feel like an anchor and riptide all at once. But the journey of a mother is the most natural on earth and is unmatched in the depth of love it teaches. Ultimately, it's this disparity that pushes me to create. In my studio is where I find the space and freedom to embrace the unpredictable, trusting my decisions with brush and nib and rejoicing in the uncertainty that comes with making intuitive, deeply rooted, abstract art.


I am currently an art educator in a local K-8 public school and am also the founder of the Creative Voice Workshops, which are in-person, mixed media paint and sip events where open exploration of innate creativity (yes, you have it too) is encouraged and nourished (a dash of liquid courage always helps). Beyond emboldening creativity in as many people as possible, a particular passion of mine is the support of creative mothers who may also be struggling with balancing the joys and demands of motherhood while allowing time and space to feed the soul.


I am represented by The South End Arts and Business Association in Burlington, Vermont and have an ongoing collaboration with Ma & Pembum in Hinesburg, Vermont.

Let's connect on Instagram and keep the inspiration flowing!


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